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Multiple Domain Name Registration Advisory

April 7, 2010

Lately there have been a number of instances wherein a company will send an email which says that someone or some entity is registering for domain names similar to yours. You can safely ignore these emails.
They will be trying to sell you a service wherein they will register all the various permutations of your domain name in .net, .org, .cn, .asia etc. Unless you are a multinational company operating in a lot of countries, you will not be needing this service. Also, their prices for their domain name registration service will be quite costly.
Please take note of these facts on the regular domain name registration process:

  • There is no facility to reserve a domain name, either you purchase it or not.
  • Domain names are registered instantly - no one is informed beforehand of the registration.
  • A Domain Name registration company is not required to check on any trademarks. Any future disputes on infringement can be settled by ICANN.
  • If you own a trademark or a company name this does not entitle you to the corresponding domain names.

What these companies are doing is not illegal, but they try to make this service sounds like somebody is trying to infringe on your trademark, intellectual property or company name. Also, anyone they mentioned as intending to purchase any domain name is probably fictitious.
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