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Single Page Websites from WebToGo

To make the online visibility of a website very distinct, a targeted and well-structured online marketing strategy is necessary.   On top of traditional SEO tools and social media platforms, another definitive online marketing plan recommended by WebToGo to boost the presence of your business on the internet is a single page website.

What is a Single Page Website?

A single page website is exactly what the name suggests – a single webpage that has highly-focused content.  It is a notable strategy for online marketing.  Single page websites work best for clients who have an existing website because they can put inbound and outbound links to both sites while primarily using the single page website for the introduction of a new product, service or project.  The best part about this internet marketing initiative is that it can significantly increase web traffic.  

Be Wary of Site Duplication

Some business owners who have an existing website might consider the possibility of purchasing multiple domains that point to the same site content.  Be warned that this is content duplication, a major offense in SEO practice that will negatively affect the track record of your website in the major search engines.  So for a surefire way to increase your page rank without unnecessary worries, a single page website is still the best way to go.  

WebToGo's Single Page Websites for Boysen KNOxOUT

WebToGo’s single page website pilot project is for Boysen KNOxOUT, Boysen’s revolutionary air cleaning paint.  Boysen purchased three domains – antismogpaint.com, smogeatingpaint.com and smogreducingpaint.com – and availed WebToGo’s services for a single page website design, development and content writing for these three.  Upon completion, the single page websites were linked to Boysen's affiliates to maximize internet visibility and web traffic.   

So if you have something new up your sleeve, why not vie for a single page website to make it well-publicized on the internet?  Take that one shot to enhance your product, service or project’s popularity and improve web traffic in a breeze.  Inquire about single page websites today!

Webtogo New - All About Webtogo