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Mobile Application

A Mobile version for websites has innumerable advantages, especially since the use of mobile phones with internet connectivity functionalities have become quite common for local consumers. Imagine the competitive edge of a company whose website has a mobile version: If a prospective client who is on the road needs to place an order immediately, that client is more likely to patronize the company with a mobile website version.

If your company already has a functional website, why not move further with a mobile version for that website? It’s fast, it’s convenient, it enhances connectivity and more importantly, it will provide a definite edge to your business.

Key features:

  • Interface is suitable for mobile phone viewing

    The mobile version of your website should typically contain the same elements as the website you have on the internet.  However, the design for the mobile interface should be adjusted and modified by redoing the codes to make it more suitable for the pre-defined dimensions that are ideal for iphone or android phone viewing.
  • Easier to navigate

    Viewing the average website using your mobile phone comes with certain navigational limitations but these limitations can be countered if your website has a mobile version.  The design for the mobile website is easier to navigate because it is “mobile-friendly”.
  • Automatic redirection features

    If the website that is being accessed via iphone or android phone has a mobile version, the person viewing the site will automatically be redirected to the mobile version of the website.
  • Speeds up the download process

    Because the mobile version of a website is created for mobile standards, accessing the different pages of a mobile website using an iphone or android phone is made faster and more convenient.
  • Enhances customer connectivity

    Customers stay connected at a greater extent - they can check out immediate updates and introductory offers anytime they choose to use their mobile phone to know the latest from your company’s website.  
Webtogo New - Our Services - Mobile Application